Social Media Strategies

Your Social Media Profile Photo II

Does your photo convey a unified image across all your social media accounts?
Even with a good recognizable photo showing eye contact with the viewer, if every photo is different in each account, how would that come across to your visitors?
Consider your brand – your distinguished, distinctive characteristics.
Create a single photo across your accounts. As your visitors arrive they are always greeted with a familiar theme and know the account is yours.
The only reason you should have different photos on each account is if you actively appeal and connect with each account’s audience demographics in a unique way. (I.e., a hipper clothing and pose in Instagram; a classic business suit head shot in LinkedIn.)
Other uniform brand considerations are your message, colors, taglines, supporting graphics, etc.
Is it time to choose a single head shot that best projects the image you want throughout your accounts?
See you online,
Catherine Saykaly-Stevens | The Networking Web

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