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Submission Guidelines

What Kind of Content Are We Looking For?

Feature Article
Informs and educates writers and authors about writing, publishing, marketing, illustration and graphic design. Maximum word length 1000 words.

Sub-feature Article
Includes Writer Retreats, Social Media, Business

Feature and sub-feature articles are informative, educational, or entertaining.  An article should not be promotional and does not promote any product, service, or brand.  Articles should be no longer than 1000 words in length. We will often provide a stock photo to accompany the article if one is not provided.

Book reviews are an essential tool for authors to promote their books, and for the Reader it can be a wonderful glimpse into the authors book. Opal Publishing provides the Reviewer’s name and credentials on the book review (name, website) .The book review should be 300-500 words. Book cover images should accompany your book review.

Filler Articles and Content include: Health & Wellness; Book Reviews, Poetry, Fiction.

*  All submissions are subject to approval. Opal Publishing reserves the right to refuse any submitted content.


Feature Article: $25 – 1 per issue
(Definition of main article: informs, teaches, or provides tips or advice for writers and authors about writing, publishing, book design).
If we have already committed to an article we may offer you a 1/2 page ad space in exchange for your article.

Sub-feature Articles: $20 – 1 per category
Writer Retreats, Social Media, Business
If we have already committed to an article in a category, we may offer you a 1/2 page ad space in exchange for your article.

Filler Articles: we offer 1/2 page Ad space
Health and Wellness
Book Reviews
Short fiction

Event Listings and Organization/Association Calendars
No payment for these  – these spaces are provided free.

Opal Writers’ Magazine is a wonderful platform to hone your writing skills and gain some recognition for your writing and your expertise. We welcome all queries. We are fast to respond to you and will never leave you wondering if anyone actually works here. Our loyal writers usually continue to write for the magazine for a year or more before moving on – some have never left.

RIGHTS:  The author retains copyright for all published articles in the Opal Writers’ Magazine.

Editorial Deadline:  Opal Writers’ Magazine is going to a bi-monthly publication and will be published every 2nd month. All submissions are due the last day of the month 30 days prior to publication. Our next publication date is May 1st, 2019. We will be accepting submissions until March 31 (if the deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, please submit by the following regular business day 9PM)

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