Witchery Market

The Witchery Market: A Review by Kala Godin

I tend to drag my family to some of the oddest things sometimes, but we always have a good time. Our excursion on the weekend before Halloween was no different.

Two or three months ago I saw an online advertisement for an event called, “The Witchery Market,” held in Edmonton. I contacted them to find out the big question. Is the event wheelchair accessible? A lot of these things aren’t. You’d actually be surprised to see how many things aren’t wheelchair friendly. Either way their answer was prompt. I was incredibly excited when they confirmed that I was able to get in.

Here’s a little history on the market. It was created about 2 years ago by Katie Karpetz of The Witchery, and Debra Bourne of Where Faeries Live. They wanted to create an event where pagan vendors could show off and sell their wares in an accepting environment. They didn’t just want this to be a psychic fair, they wanted a market where you could find things that you don’t normally see, get a reading, and watch a presentation too. The market is held 4 times a year and each time they have roughly 24 vendors, 5 readers, and 3 to 4 presentations. In vendors alone, they get over 60 applications. It’s a 2 day event.

Among the 24 vendors, there is so much diversity. You walk around and you won’t see the same thing twice. You aren’t even likely to see the same things in new age shops. Yes, you’ll see crystals and tarot cards, but there is so much more beyond that. There were things available that I didn’t even know existed. Not only were the vendors diverse, but they were also knowledgeable. They knew their products well and they were happy to answer any questions.

When I arrived, I talked to the group of people in the front of the line. They had been holding their place since 7:30 a.m., waiting for the doors to open at 10 a.m. (The first few people through the doors got swag bags, so people line up earlier for every event.) Katie and Debra had previously offered to let me in 10 minutes earlier than everyone else because it can get tight in the venue. I’m thankful they did because they were right. Before I even went in there was a line up down the block.

I went with my family, there are 5 of us, and although not all of them are into the witch related things, everyone found something they liked. All in all, we had a fantastic time.

My only suggestion is a bigger venue. As soon as those doors opened, the building was filled in seconds. Packed completely full. It was hard for able-bodied people to get around; it was nearly impossible as a wheelchair user to move. I know that renting a larger venue can get pretty pricey; maybe an entrance fee would help with those costs? I know that I would pay one.

Despite the squishy venue, I still had fun. I’ll be suggesting the event to everyone I know.
The next event is in December.

Here is the link if you are interested:

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