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What is Progressive Writing – An Interview with Stella Constance | excerpt

There is a new genre being introduced and I wanted to know more about it – so I went right to the source!

What is the definition of Progressive Writing (PW)?

It is a genre. Progressive writing (fictional and non-fictional work) looks at domestic, community, regional, or world problem(s), while offering possible viable solution(s) to begin dialogue and planning on the subject. PW can create a forum for the readers to begin the process of brainstorming possible viable solutions for their families, communities, governments, or businesses as an innovative and living process of positive engagement and goal setting.
A rare form of educational writing, not many people have the ability or the skill. It may take a long time to write, because of the heavy research involved, besides the high requirement for creativity to make the idea work and transferable to readers.
“The Power of Progressive Writing is in positively changing people’s lives.”
“The exploration of ethical possibilities is a place where the writing world becomes the social experiment of a possible higher evolution for humanity, in the creation of more sustainable interpersonal interactions, with oneself, between one another and other species.”

Read the whole article in Opal Writers’ Magazine!

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