Two Powerful Words

Two Powerful Words, by Jean Kay

Jean Kay is known as the poem-a-day poet.

Two Powerful Words

by Jean Kay

“Thank You”, two important words
we sometimes forget to say
to people doing things for us
routinely throughout our day.

Our mailman and our paper boy,
our sanitary engineers,
our policemen and our firemen
who’ve such dedicated careers.

Receptionists that greet us
at appointments we have made,
cashiers and clerks in grocery stores,
or a waitress that’s underpaid.

Those two little words are powerful:
they’re a sign of recognition
that tasks didn’t go unnoticed,
even though performed with volition.

Think of people in your life
that you are grateful for.
Let them know in your own way
that you appreciate them more.

When your spouse takes out the garbage,
does the laundry, or makes the bed,
cooks dinner or does the dishes,
don’t let those two words go unsaid.

Say “Thank You” for the sunshine
and rain that makes things grow.
With an attitude of gratitude
your inner light will glow.

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