The Many Waters

I do not know what I may appear to the world, but to myself I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the seashore, and diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.

—Isaac Newton

I too have been strolling along the shores of time, shuffling through the sands of ancient writings, legends and mythology, and have picked up, here and there, some interesting pebbles and shells.  Some of these gems of truth have lain buried deep in allegory and symbolism for centuries, and even millennia, and some have been right out there on the surface, kicked about and walked on, their value unrecognized.

The Bible of today is a compilation of ancient manuscripts by men who “spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit.”  So it is written.  Then, centuries later, there were the translators and the languages they had to decipher—a labor of love, as they too were moved by the Spirit.  Finally, over many more years were the men who had to decide which of the old writings should be included in the canon that would become the Word of God.  They were kings, rulers and leaders of politics and religion who all had their own agendas and reasons for their choices.  Through it all, it’s a miracle that we even have a Bible, but it’s not perfect.  It evolved down through the ages with humankind and is written by human hands, and there is a great deal of sand to be sifted through.  The gems of truth are not always on the surface.

Lauretta Lueck

My findings are based only on The King James Version of the Bible and supported with ancient writings from parchments, scrolls and tablets of stone.  No other contemporary Bible had the answers in my quest for truth.

In 1881, some biblical scholars decided to make the Bible more accessible and easier to read and understand by translating it into Modern English.  Their motives were honorable, but in the process they unwittingly deleted much of the symbolism and allegory.  The Revised Version of the English Bible, and those that followed, are fine for general reading, but lost to us are the deeper meanings and thoughts of people in ages past.

The early translators—the monks, the scribes and men of religion—knew in their inner beings that they had to see every word as sacred and translate every passage with extreme care, whether they understood its meaning or not.  Because of their devotion and dedication, and a visionary King James, The King James Version of the Holy Bible is a book of the rarest quality.

In my search for truth, I had to sift through and examine carefully every word and every verse as if it were a fragile fossil in my hands.  Like an archaeologist would to interpret the past, I had to tune into the Bible, for its ways are like the pictures we see in our dreams when we sleep.  Sometimes they are in symbols and at times they are factual; sometimes there is a blending of the two.  That is how it is with the Bible, and that is how I discovered the many waters.

  • God is the Energy of all energy — the Light of all light.
  • We are not on earth. We are only a microscopic speck of dust of the earth.
  • Adam–the first homosapien. The missing link!
  • Adam and Eve were identical twins!
  • God did not give Moses the Ten Commandments.
  • The world will not come to end for another 36 million years!

The Many Waters is a scientific interpretation of the creation story in Genesis, and is corroborated by numerous ancient manuscripts and books of the Bible not included in the canon.

The Many Waters, published book
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The Many Waters
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About the Author

Lauretta Lueck, author of “The Many Waters:  “And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters” was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 1934. 

Being raised an evangelical Baptist meant regular church attendance and scripture memorizations, but Lauretta always knew that something was missing from the gospel story.  She firmly believed in God, and in a heaven and a hell, but since childhood she had also been a prolific reader of the natural sciences, especially astronomy, archeology, and paleontology.  Despite her religious teachings, she furtively believed that the world was millions of years old, that dinosaurs once roamed the earth, and that we are primates.   She also believed that the Bible was the Word of God, which supposedly contradicted the theory of evolution.  What was the truth?

In 1968, Lauretta was a single parent with five small children and her time to research was at a minimum, but something she read in a book of science piqued her interest.  “Ours is a watery planet.”  “That was it!  In the Bible, the symbol for life is water.  All living things must have water, and all that lives is mostly made of water.  It would seem natural then that wherever there is water there would be life of some kind.  It is a perfect symbol.  The Bible speaks of there being “many waters” in the heavens, and there are peoples and nations and tongues.  We are not alone, and I was intrigued!” she says.

Persistently, she searched the Bible for other hidden treasures that we may have lost through misinterpretation, and found more than she had expected to find.  For the next year, she indulged in gathering notes and storing them in a cardboard box in a drawer for the day when she would “someday write a book” about her discoveries.

Three decades passed and she was an enthusiastic fan of the space program and its search for life.  It was the dawn of a New Age, with new ideas, thoughts, and discoveries.

The coming of the 21st century, however has brought turmoil between science and religion as Christians in America demand that their children believe in a six day creation account, and that man was molded from mud.  As well, we have with us the prophets of doom who predict that the world will end sometime in the year 2000.

It was time to retrieve the cardboard box and, in 1998, Lauretta began to write The Many Waters.

Lauretta Lueck passed away at the age of 80 years in April 2015. Her book is once again being shared and lovingly promoted by her daughter, Cindy DeJager of Opal Publishing.


Why did you write “The Many Waters?”

In our scientific age, the Bible is thought of as a book of myth, and more fiction than fact.  What I have discovered, however, is that science might have something to learn from the Good Book and from other ancient writings taken from scrolls, papyri, and tablets of stone.

What does the title mean?

The many waters is the biblical symbol for all the watery planets that harbor life in the universe.  I have entitled my book “The Many Waters” to substantiate that the bible speaks of the creation and evolution of all life in the universe – we are not alone, and we never have been.  The Bible then goes on to explain how our planet, just one of the many waters, evolved.

What are your qualifications for writing this book?

If I need to have letters after my name then let them be C. (curiosity), and N.F.T. (need for truth).  Anyone can dig through the sands of time for hidden treasures.

What makes this book different?

The writer of the creation story was, without a doubt, a very religious Jew, and whether it was Moses remains in question, but he was an extraordinary human being.  He had the science of creation in perfect order and accuracy, and he combined his truly inspired knowledge into the art of poetry and prose with the symbology and soul of a mystic.

For centuries some of the biblical symbolism has been misinterpreted or taken literally.  Neither scientist nor religious scholar have understood, or even noticed, the true meaning of some of these symbols and figures of speech.  “The Many Waters” is the first book to decipher biblical symbolism and allegory by referring to ancient writings, and incorporating scientific technology that we can now understand.  For example, woman being made from the rib of man is impossible when considering the universal laws of nature, but what is not impossible is that Adam’s rib was used to obtain DNA.  What makes us think that we are the first in the universe to experiment with genetic engineering?

Why is this book important?

The Many Waters will instigate a new way of thinking in both science and religion because a lot of the religions are based on misinterpretation, and science has accepted that many ancient writings are myth.  However, what was once “poetic allegory to our grandfathers and great-grandfathers has been substantiated.”  It is time to challenge firmly held convictions that are based on irrational and unreasonable beliefs.

Is this book religious?

No.  The Bible was originally intended to be a path to spiritual union of body and soul.  It was mankind that thought up religion.  I am merely uncovering truth that has been buried in the sands of time.

Who is your intended audience?

All who are interested in science and religion.  All who believe that there is more to our existence, and seek a greater understanding of why we are here, and how we got here.

How would “The Many Waters” benefit the reader?

There are a lot of holes in both science and religion, and there are many questions that have not been adequately answered.  This book will unite these two disciplines in their views of life and the universe.  “The Many Waters” will provide the “big picture” of the puzzle of our existence.

Is there another book in the works?

Yes.  More treasures were discovered in the ancient sands of time that could not be included in “The Many Waters” because they are of a different focus.   My research continues, and my next book will be published in 2001.