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Which Social Media Platform Should You Use?

Are You Using the Same Social Media Channels as Your Target Audience?
And Which Social Media Platform Should You Use?

Where is your Target Audience?

Once you have identified your target audience and spent time discovering some of their shared common traits and behaviours, you will find it easier to determine which social media platforms to locate them in. This way, your posts will reach them more often and become visible to new similar audiences and niches.
The top social media platforms are the most common (like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.), but there are also thousands of different social platforms, sites, and apps on a smaller scale that may have already successfully attracted your target audience.

Start with where you are

Which social media platforms are you currently active in? Write each of them down.
Be honest now, I said ACTIVE.
In a second column, write down all the other social media platforms you started but abandoned over the years.
In a third column, write the social media platforms you know your target audience frequents.
Do they match with where you are currently?

Where is your target audience?

Just like different people in the same audiences have common traits and behaviours, different social media channels attract different audiences. There are thousands of options and many will be a waste of your time, but some will be perfect and niche to your target audience.

Facebook is mostly an over 30 crowd, and still very active, and are the most loyal older communities.
Instagram attracts mostly <35 with active lifestyles and follow the 3Fs: Fashion-Food-Fitness.
While it doesn’t mean that others outside the normal don’t frequent these social platforms, it will be easier to reach more of your target audience using the right channels.
If your books are spiritual self help, you’re unlikely to find an audience on Twitch, but will do quite well on Facebook.
If your books are romance, LinkedIn may not be your first choice, but Facebook and Pinterest may do quite well.
If you blog about fashion, Anchor may not be the most ideal channel, but will rock on Instagram.
If you write books for multi genres or speak at live events, you’d better have a current Twitter account and post engaging play by play, especially at live events.

Test your understanding

Question: If you write YA books specializing in age group 12-14, should you bother with Facebook‘s over 35 audience while spending time on Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitch?
Answer: The answer is YES! Surprised? Think about who buys books for readers 12-14. The kids? The parents? Both!
Discover where your audience already is and that’s where you need to be.
Business writers are obviously well represented on LinkedIn, but don’t forget that media and influencers are on Linkedin, too. Having an up-to-date and active LinkedIn account may get you the regular media attention you need to gain visibility exposure.
So many social media options!
When all is said and done, how many SM platforms should you have? (Answer in January OPAL Magazine—“Hello 2019!”)
Now that you’ve chosen the right social channels, your competition to gain attention will still be a challenge. The competition is staggering, even here.
You have to plan your content and posts and use their language to attract them and capture their attention. (Answer in February OPAL Magazine)

See you online!


Catherine Saykaly-Stevens helps speakers, authors, and business owners who are frustrated with low online following, engagement, and sales conversions.
With so much free information floating around the internet, most people are overwhelmed wasting precious time they don’t have trying options that don’t work.
Catherine simplifies the five (5) stages of digital marketing with a customized, easy to follow process that gets results.
Catherine is part of the social media committee for the Evolutionary Business Council (EBC) with a collective reach of 250 Million people and is the co-host of two online shows:  #EBCLive and Social Buzz U.

Catherine is also the Social Media Expert in Residence for the Canadian Authors Association (CAA).

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