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Instagram’s Killer Hashtags – Are You Following Any?


Social media posts have a short shelf life once posted on the internet. Hashtags extend life while improving your reach, increasing visibility, and they create anchors for your posts to be found during searches.

Instagram focuses on people and their accounts, so you only see the posts of those you follow in your main feed.
You can focus on viewing posts using a specific hashtag.
Did you know that there is a way to follow specific hashtags in this visual social platform?

Instagram makes it easy to select hashtags to follow. Here’s how:

First, select a hashtag you tend to use most often; one that exists already without being made up.

Select the hashtag OR decide to start from scratch.

  • Open Instagram on your phone
  • Select the search icon option at the bottom left
  • Tap into the search field at the top
  • Type the hashtag you’re interested in receiving regular results for – i.e. #Results
  • If given more than one option, select your preferred hashtag
    Once selected, you will see the hashtag with the top posts
    Press the blue ‘Follow’ button

Now to see all the hashtags you follow:

  • Go back to the search field
  • Notice you have four options: Top – People – Tags – Places
  • Select Tags to see the list

A strong Hashtag strategy may be the difference between being visible or being invisible in your social strategy.

While Instagram is the Hashtag King, you can still use a single hashtag in a post from LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and up to 3 on Twitter.

Happy Hashtag Hunting!

Take Action:
Do you use Instagram? It is still a growing social platform worth your consideration. Chose at least 1 hashtag that is also a keyword specifically for your ideal audience.
In case you were wondering, yes, some posts with your new selected hashtags will automatically begin appearing in your feed.

P.S. Follow the hashtag and observe what new posts appear in your feed over the next week.

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