Jean Kay - Nature's Gifts

Nature’s Gifts by Jean Kay

How intricate and delicate
is the makeup of a rose,
some beautifully scented
in gardens where they grow.

With care, they’ll bloom all summer
fed by sunshine, light and rain.
Deadheading is necessary
so new buds will form again.

Tending them is a labor of love
because they respond so well.
Special moments in a garden
are healing for us, as well.

Some roses are very thorny
demanding handling with care.
We train climbers where to grow
and help them to get there.

How does each rose know,
(do they have a brain?)
how they are to grow
into their unique strain?

Miraculous, is what I think,
I’m totally in awe,
of everything that’s growing
just outside my door.

Thank you, Mother Nature,
for all that you create.
I take time to smell my roses
that I, so much, appreciate.

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