Change Your Life By Using Your Mind

Our conscious mind uses the five senses to determine our surroundings and keep us safe, and our beliefs and our feelings, stored in our subconscious, provide for us everything we think is true.

Many of us believe we do not have power over our lives, or over what happens to us. If we examine our beliefs we see that they shape who we are, how we look at ourselves, and what is happening to us.

Our mind is the most powerful tool we have available. Not only do we underestimate it, but we also do not know its potential. In many cases, the beliefs we have ingrained in our subconscious are not ours. Each and every one of us has life-shaping beliefs set by the age of seven, and by this time we learn everything about life from our environment.
We observe our parents and siblings; hear our grandparents and other family members making comments about us. We learn a great deal about ourselves in elementary school. Those people’s opinions, fears, limitations, negative judgments, etc. create the “base” of our own beliefs. Once those beliefs are lodged in our subconscious there is no way we can change them without examining them closely.What holds us back from living our lives full of potential, joy, love, inspiration, abundance, or purpose?

This does not happen until we start becoming aware of what we say, what we believe in, what we complain about, how we describe ourselves and our lives. It will definitely not happen until something drastic happens in our lives and we make a conscious decision that we want to improve it. But that means we would have to roll-up our sleeves and do some work. This is where the majority of us fail. We want the magic bullet. Something that would make all the changes for us.

At times it is an overwhelming task, but if you are committed to changing your life you can reach out to those who can use their expertise and help you with the process. I found what gives me strength and allows me to help others is Reiki. I treat it with respect. I am amazed at how it changes people’s lives, and I’m forever grateful that I can be its catalyst for others. But don’t take my word for it and don’t follow my path. Find something that you’re going to believe in.

Believe that it will work for you, and take one step at a time towards your end-goal. Waiting for it to come is not going to work! You need to take action and do it. I can promise you that once you take the first step, the entire Universe is going to conspire with your goal and provide you with opportunities/coincidences you need, to be successful on your journey.
Don’t just dream about having perfect health, or supportive partner, or anything you desire. You already have everything you need within you to achieve it. Don’t follow new fads that others engage in. You are unique and whatever worked for others may not be for you.

Ask yourself what is the one thing that is the most important to you, and if the money or other distractions were not a factor, you would love doing. Find one thing that your heart will sing with joy at the thought of doing, and turn your life around. Sometimes dreams that come up are the one you never knew you had … so don’t waste your time dreaming and go get it.
Say “YES” to self-development, because it is the only way to change your life. Invest in yourself, because you are WORTH it.

Marta Rabiej – Divine Frequencies

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