Chin up tits out

Metis Canadian Author Releases Stunning Sequel in Chick Lit Series

Winnipeg, Manitoba: Local Winnipeg author, Miranda Oh, exploded onto the literary scene with her debut novel Remember, No Matter What; Chin Up Tits Out in March of 2016. Critics and readers alike were fascinated with the novel which focused on the character of Hadley, a girl who thought she had it all and knew everything there was about life, until one day she meets someone who changes everything for her emotionally. With the fear of losing everything, Hadley travels halfway across the world to fight for what she feels she deserves and is justifiably hers, overcoming incredible odds in a story filled with love, tears, and learning life lessons.
The second novel, When All Else Fails Chin Up Tits Out, published by Couronne Publishing continues the story of Hadley, only now she is now married and is ecstatic that she will be seeing her husband after years of fighting with immigration. Only now, Hadley’s life takes a turn for the worse as an unexpected diagnosis threatens to change Hadley’s life and married dreams forever.
Miranda has written a story that has elements of love, passion, and the series in total has been compared to Sex and The City in some circles. Initial reviews have been stellar for the sequel, and there is every indication that When All Else Fails Chin Up Tits Out will follow key success much like its debut. The anticipated success of Miranda’s novel has already resulted in an incredibly successful book tour which has been executed for the Winnipeg area, and will coincide with other parts of Canada including appearing on panels at the When Words Collide Festival in Calgary, Alberta this August.

About The Novel:

When All Else Fails Chin Up Tits Out is the sequel to Miranda Oh’s debut Chick-Lit success, Remember, No Matter What; Chin Up Tits Out and is the second in the series. Thus far, the series has been on the Amazon Best Selling list multiple times, and the book has been a conversation on the YouTube show, Go Indie Now! Synopsis: In Book 2 of the ‘Chin Up Tits Out’ series, Hadley is elated that her husband is finally coming home after years of fighting with Immigration. Assuming that her ‘happily ever after’ is about to begin, she dives in head first at being the best wife ever. An unexpected diagnosis sends her into a downward facing spiral. No amount of wine can help her prepare to deal with this new journey. They say it takes a village to raise a child, well…Hadley is in dire need of her village to help her get through the storm that lies ahead. Follow Hadley in her adventure dealing with
disease, addiction, and a dark twisted sense of humor. Because when life sucks so bad, sometimes laughing is easier than crying.
The novel can be enjoyed as a stand-alone or as part of the Chin Up Tits Out Series

About the Author:

Miranda Oh is the author of the successful Chick Lit series, Chin Up Tits Out!
Author Miranda Oh, a girl of Metis tradition and descent is your typical girl: She loves the sunset, loves long walks on the beach, world travels, and when not playing the corporate part she can be found sipping wine and spending all her hard-earned money on nice shoes. Among her friends and family, Miranda Oh is known to be the storyteller of the group, always recapping crazy life stories and situations. Her personal experiences, emotions and fantasies are the inspiration for most of her books, so there is a little bit of her in every story.



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