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Social Media Strategies – Are You Using Facebook Page Cover Video?

Want to do something to stand out while it’s still new? Go to your Facebook Page header and add a Cover Video.

Since May 2017, The Facebook Page Cover Video allows a short video (20-90 seconds) instead of the usual graphic image. Graphics are still great, but you can capture a visitor and give far more information or set the mood with video.

Be sure to note the size as it is unusual. If you add a normal video, it will be cropped in height.  The recommended size is 820 x 462 pixels with a minimum size of 820 x 312 pixels. The cover video is preset to mute.  Only if the visitor wishes to listen – or even knows that they can – will it be turned on. So assume that your cover video must ‘speak’ for itself visually only.

For the author, let’s look at a few ways you can use this new tool.

Create fast trust and easy engagement with a welcome message.

  • Tell a story – something unique that will not be seen anywhere else.
  • All about ME! – only do this if you have a big fan following already (something to look forward to)
  • Show your speaking/reading schedule.
  • Create a book trailer for your latest book; exciting and informative!
  • Create a series trailer; in case you’re only on book I, show where this series will take the reader.
  • Create a countdown to your upcoming book launch.
  • A combination of any or all of the above.

Remember, you have a maximum of 90 seconds. Make sure it isn’t too much. And be sure that your video is not annoying to the repeat visitor who’s seen it one too many times.

Don’t know how to create a video?  There are many free and paid tools to help. Shoot your own footage with your smart phones or find free and paid video clips online.

To edit:

  • You’re ahead of the game if you have an Apple computer. You have the free iMovie. There are easy free and paid apps for iPhone or iPad
  • Professional – i.e. Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro
  • More Casual – i.e. AM Studio and Camtasia (my favourite)
  • Screen Capture – i.e. Snag it and Jing
  • Hire someone – like a Book Trailer company or someone on

Remember to make the video experience about the visitor.

Create a final video to grab people’s attention.  While beautiful it may not entice your visitor enough to do what you need them to do,  i.e. buy your books.

Have fun!

I want to hear from you!

Book trailers have become more and more popular and there is no shortage of book trailer companies.

As yet, there isn’t one that I would recommend at the time of this publishing.  If you used a company who provided an excellent experience, I’d like to hear about them.  Please contact me and tell me who they are.

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