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Social Media Strategies for Authors and Writers: Twitter – When to RT

by Catherine Saykaly-Stevens

TWITTER: When to RT, and When to MT

Original Tweet: This is a good article to read.

The easiest thing you can do in Twitter is retweet someone else’s tweet (RT).
When you retweet an original tweet, [RT (space)] will precede the poster’s Twitter handle followed by their original tweet.

Example: RT @SocialQ This is a good article to read.
You simply pass that person’s tweet onto your followers.
You get NO credit for RTing someone’s post. That’s fine when you want to give good information more exposure, you support a friend/family/colleague, or there is no space left to comment in 140 characters.
(By credit, think of your Klout score, an algorithm kept on your behalf – long story for another time – it’s important in the long run.)

Example: RT @SocialQ This is a good article to read.

You can RT WITH a comment in front. Now you get credit for the RT AND YOU get exposure as the person you’ve RTed will get a notification that you mentioned them.
Example: (The second point is most important)
RT @SocialQ This is a good article to read.
You use an MT when you CHANGE even one character of the original tweet (to the right side of an RT). It means that you have Modified the original tweet.
Example: The second point is most important. MT @SocialQ This is a good article to read before Friday’s meeting.
MTs are often used when catching and correcting errors, updating dates/times, adding forgotten hashtags, or shortening a wordy tweet.

Catherine Saykaly-Stevens



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