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Social Media Strategies: 4 Reasons to Like a Facebook Post

By Catherine Saykaly-Stevens

Facebook Like:
4 Reasons to Like a Facebook Post

Have you ever thought about what a Facebook Like really is? What does liking a Facebook post really mean?

This week, we set aside the Facebook Post, Comment, and Shares, and focus solely on the Facebook Like.


There are 4 reasons to Like a Facebook Post. Do they all look the same? They’re not. Each one has a specific function.

1. You like the post – literally
2. You are acknowledging the post, and your opinion of it doesn’t matter
3. You let the poster know that you’ve read it
4. You support the poster and want them to succeed – regardless of whether you like or agree with the post.

The first is by far the most popular, but most people aren’t in the know. While everyone else sees a Like, they would assume nothing more than the first option. Now you know otherwise!
If you want to grow your audience and fan engagement, you’re going to need to learn and practice more engaging behaviors!
Make sure that you are engaging others to the fullest so that they will feel compelled to engage with you, too.

See you online!

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