Don’t Sell Yourself or Your Book on Social Media – Ever!

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Example: My book’s available. It’s .99 cents today. Here’s the LINK to Amazon. Very few people can promote themselves over their social media channels and not come across ‘salesy’. There will always be exceptions, like celebrities, and big marketers, and the very charming will get away with it. For the rest of us, family, friends, and our existing fan-base may support our sale, but the general public does not bite; you have not developed credibility or trust with them. There is a way around that.
Someone else can promote you, and it will usually come across as promotion, not a sale.


If someone has built up their social media accounts over time, building credibility and trust with their audience, it will not matter if their fans number in the tens or the thousands. When they promote someone else, they effectively lend their credibility and trust onto the person they promote.
Their audience understands that their trusted promoter is vouching for you.


If you want others to promote you; you have to promote others.
The good news is that there is no limit to the amount of people you can promote, nor how many times you can promote them.
An added benefit is that those who promote others often tend to build credibility and trust faster with their own audience.

Try this exercise this week.

To see more activity in your accounts and to create a culture of positive promotion, reach out to another author whom you admire with a similar audience as yourself.

• Agree on 3 times that you will promote each other.
• Agree on that just after those promotions you will each go into your own accounts and show gratitude for that promotion.
• Keep it going weekly.
• Add 1 extra person a week for 4 weeks.

That little extra consistent energy in your accounts should help trigger the algorithms to display your posts in front of more people.

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