Review: Life’s Inception, by Rebekah Raymond

Life’s Inception – a novel by Rebekah Raymond

When Rebekah Raymond asked me to review St. Patrick, the lead character in “Life’s Inception,” the 3rd  book of her thrilling Life’s Series, I was surprised. She didn’t want me to review the book, which will be coming out later this year, but rather do an opinion piece on the central character.  I took my time, trying to be dispassionate and fair, then I decided not to care about it and to just let fly and enjoy the rant.

St. Patrick is an over-privileged, oversexed, overbearing arsehole.

Raised by one of the military factions, he was treated more like a puppy dog than a person. He was often praised and rewarded by the gruff soldiers of the faction for no reason other than ‘being cute and little.’ Like a dog with a bone on its nose, he was encouraged to show off his skills in both the martial and academic world in return for the adulation his fragile ego believes it deserves.

Yes, he’s strong- yes, he’s skilled in the deadly arts – yes, he’s good-looking, and definitely yes, he knows it.

In his earlier years, the exploits of St.P’s ‘other limb’ were just one more form of one-upmanship between himself and the other soldiers in the faction. He plowed through the local trollops like gonorrhea on steroids. Not caring who or what he banged, or if he left damage in his wake.

By the middle of his story, he has grown up a bit, calmed down a bit, and settled into running a school. Losing his first real love broke some of the ice around his heart, but his head was still firmly locked into ‘I’m right – end of argument’ mode.   I was never so happy as when he met someone who was as stubborn and as strong as he is, someone who stands up to him and tells him when he is being a jerk. (which is often!)

I’ve often said that people are ‘good people who made bad decisions’ this doesn’t apply to St.P. I think if I had to sum him up I’d say he’s a man of dubious character whose decisions just happen to work out for the benefit of others.

He grows on you if you aren’t careful, but so does mold.

If this type of hero/antihero works for you,
be sure to check out Raymond’s first two books!

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