Renewal Time

By Jean Kay

Out with old and bad habits,
it’s time to change our ways.
Easter is for revival,
time to brighten up our days.

Time to let go of grudges,
judgment, and criticism;
time to grow from past mistakes
and know we are forgiven.

Easter’s a fun holiday,
chocolate Easter eggs abound;
time for the Easter egg hunt
with goodies that can be found.

Chicks, lambs, and tiny bunnies
are displayed for all to see.
Priceless children’s expressions–
full of amazement and glee.

Daffodils, Easter Lilies,
what a glorious display.
They light our homes and gardens
in their magnificent way.

Friends and families gather
for dinner Easter Sunday,
it’s a feast of traditions:
to love, laugh, enjoy and play.

The true reason for Easter
is not recognized by all,
but love, sharing, and caring
is renewed in big and small.

Happy Easter
Jean Kay

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