Reiki – a Panacea for All of Our Life Troubles?

Why Reiki?

One of the reasons I want to write about Reiki is the opportunity to share the information that may have an important message for someone, and be a piece of a puzzle that adds to the understanding of who we are and how we can live happy, whole, and amazing lives.

Everything in our lives changes from the moment we are born to this Earth, and even though not everyone is at the same awareness level, I believe that we all have a role to play in other peoples’ lives. Not necessarily in a mega-transformational way, but even in a small inconspicuous manner when they need to hear something we say, or feel, because of the way we treated them. I know that there are no coincidences in this world and things happen for a reason. I also know that we are out on the path that allows us to meet others for the same reason – to get that missing piece we need to see or hear. I strongly believe that we all have the gift of being unique in a way how we express our thoughts, and there is always someone who will only be able to hear the message from us. Kind of like the specialized plug that can only fit into the unique receptacle and not the “regular” one.

For me, Reiki is that gift, allowing me to pass the “message” to someone who comes to see me for a session. Every time a client comes to see me there is a Divinely guided message that they need to hear through me. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not “playing” God, giving people advice on how they need to run their affairs or do things in their lives. I’m only passing the message that comes up during the session for them. It sounds a bit unbelievable, however that’s the case. And if you spoke to some of the people who had a session with me, they would confirm that at times this is the answer to the question they asked when they were setting their intention before the session started.

My many experiences with Spirit taught me to trust those messages and “downloads” that come to my attention during the session.

And because I also set an intention to be a conduit of the Divine Source for the Highest Good of the person who has a session with me, I let go of my ego, my agendas, etc., and ask for guidance from the Source, person’s Higher Self and his/her Spirit Guides who are always present during the session. I have to say that even though some messages are hard to pass along, because of their nature, and the fact that they do not mean anything to me, they make perfect sense and resonate with those who hear them. Those messages mostly remind us to be kind to ourselves. Not to judge, put the guilt into our life or criticize our actions. We all try the best we can under the circumstances and only do what we can with the set of skills we have at that particular moment. Holding onto negative feelings about that moment, which cannot be changed, and adding stress to our life because of it does not serve us in any way.

Divine Source

Divine Source does not judge us. We do it to ourselves, and other people do it to us. Divine Source wants us to evolve through our lives here on Earth, without having nervous breakdowns or anxiety attacks, without depression and illnesses. But those incidences that feel “wrong” to us and cause us to ponder over and over about them make an imprint on our emotional body and our energetic body, which down the road distorts our communication with the Source Energy, and result in either physical pain or dis-ease. Ester Hicks, channeling Abraham says: “don’t worry, if you are not going to pay attention to those repressed emotions, the problem is going to get bigger, and bigger” until we eventually have no other option but … to address it and heal it.

Unfortunately, at times our problems get so big that we have no idea how to deal with them or how to heal them, and the medical diagnosis can scare the living daylight out of us. We cannot see how we can find our way out of that, so fear takes over our life, we get desperate and angry, blaming everything, our entire life, or Source for the situation we found ourselves in. I’m not bringing this up to point fingers at anyone who does not understand anything about Energy Healing, and who finds himself at such crossroad in his/her life. But I only want to say that for thousands of years Energy Medicine was a natural remedy for everything in our ancestors’ lives. Before we developed modern medicine our ancestors had shamans who dealt with our Spirit and “righted” what was wrong in our energy bodies to keep us physically, mentally and emotionally healthy and well. In ancient China the doctor’s job was to keep his patients healthy by adjusting their energy field. And if the doctor could not accomplish that goal and his patients got ill, he did not get paid for his services.

In Japan Reiki is called Vital Life Force. In China the same Energy that is responsible for keeping us alive is called Chi, in India that’s Prana. Those cultures keep practicing Energy Healing for millennia, addressing our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies as the whole and equally important. They understood that Energy is the fabric of our being and if we keep it balanced it will keep our entire life balanced, happy, aligned with our Higher Self, which equals with living at peace with ourselves and our surroundings. Those cultures understood that this is not a one-time-deal and we need to be mindful and vigilant of our thoughts and emotions, to stay balanced all the time or know how to release pent-up emotions that have a potential to harm us.

I’m not trying to convince you to drop everything you do in your life and become an Energy Healing advocate, because it will never work for you if you are not opened to receiving it, or if it does not resonate with you at the core of your authentic being. All I’m saying is that if you are drawn to it, for some unknown logical reason, that means there is something you are about to learn about yourself, or your energy imprint, that can make a difference in your current situation or your life.


Marta RabiejStay well and be Blessed with Divine Love and Consciousness,

MartaR, from Divine Frequencies Reiki Therapy.

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