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Forward Views by Stella Constance: Real Life through Literature, Films, and Music

The Effects of Exposing Our Minds
to Alternative Realities

By Stella Constance

We often seek media to stimulate our thoughts outside a streamline of our immediate environment. Sometimes, we look for written materials, audiovisuals, or audio recordings that reinforce our pre-existing notions of what we think life is like. At the same time, there are some others who look for alternative interpretations and different reactions to the same experience, wanting different life results. However, the value in having the ability to see patterns in real life, can assist one with the ability to forecast and alter the coming of future events. A well written piece of literature, film, or music, can assist us with experiencing life from the comfort of our chairs, without the risks involved in being fully immersed in it. It can also train the mind to look for details in one’s environment that precede towards the establishment of an event that would not have been noticed earlier. This practice enables us to see the degree of influence each factor holds, towards the creation of a new social or physical experience. One can extrapolate that changing even one factor can affect the outcome of an event. This understanding can be quite empowering, and needs to be approached in a careful manner.

When we search for a media source, we should have a concept of what sort of experience we are searching for, that can enhance the experiences of our lives. It is very much like shopping for groceries: where one has the choice of consuming healthy foods for nutrition, or junk foods that can create under/malnutrition and disease (especially, when junk food is consumed as a primary food source). A focus on acquiring quality information, through quality multimedia writing that has life affirming themes addressing current day challenges, can strengthen people’s mental resolute and stamina to handle successfully, even the most difficult of life’s circumstances.

For example, reading a book would be like meeting the author at a cafe, and having them share an aspect of their life’s revelations with you, often as short stories. The same can be said of the writers of other media formats. Their stories typically have a theme or central idea that creates a defined perspective, to either their own life’s experiences or what they have witnessed in the lives of others. However, what defines the “take away” for the virtual visitor in the medium of a print material, film, or song, is why one went there (the purpose) to connect with the author on a particular topic — that will predict the level of learning and new ideas that person will add to their practical “toolbox” for successful living. This concept in itself, separates those people who are resilient, despite being faced with life’s most difficult challenges, from those who are “the fallen” – often swept by life’s forces.

Stella Constance
Community Educator,
Writer/Editor, Producer at Stellar Constance

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