Alberta Rose and the Legend of the Lost Lemon Gold Mine – 12



Carl picked up several nuggets of pure gold and tucked them in a pouch hanging from his belt. He guessed twenty pounds in all. Then he clicked a dozen pictures on his camera, but as the camera flashed he found something incredible and a little unsettling.
“Look. There are skeletons over there and they are not that old.” He warned.
Alberta moved to the skeletal remains and knelt down for a closer examination. “These people were eaten.” She announced.
“Yes. This cave has long been the habitat of beasts.” Little Bearclaw explained.
“What kind of beasts?” Carl queried nervously.
“No one knows for sure but there have been sightings of Sasquatch in this region.” Little Bearclaw replied with a sharp sense of sincerity.
“I have never heard of the Sasquatch using knives.” Alberta shot back.