PROGRESS, by Jean Kay

By Jean Kay

Progress is a personal word,
in so many ways it’s measured,
what may seem like small steps to some,
for others are huge and treasured.

If you feel you’re progressing, you are;
if you think you can progress, you will;
as long as you’re reaching for your goal
and you’ve got one that you can fulfill.

We progress through life’s stages
one precious day at a time.
We may not reach each summit
but we progress when we climb.

How we measure our progress
depends on our state of mind.
If you’re having a tough day—
slow down, to yourself be kind.

Progress is using knowledge
we’ve acquired along our way.
Helping those less fortunate
makes progress for both that day.

Make a list of things to do,
check each one off as it’s done.
Hard work needs rewarding, so
remember to have some fun!

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