Our Canada, by Jean Kay

Jean Kay

From east to west in Canada,
from sea to shining sea,
far north to southern border,
our land’s glorious and free.

A mixture of nationalities,
all welcome to be living here.
We mix and mingle openly
at special events all year.

Climatic temperatures vary
from mild to extremely cold.
We choose where we live in Canada,
appealing to both young and old.

Many cultures and ethnic foods
are found all across our land—
singing, dancing, freedom of speech,
traditions from each native homeland.

Canada’s known to be peaceful,
let’s all help to keep it so,
as we enjoy all our freedoms,
for by these means do we grow.

Jean Kay is a prolific poet, who has written a poem every morning for 18 ½ years. Her inspirational poems have been shared in newsletters, anthologies, magazines, as framed poems, bookmarks, prayer cards and as commissioned poems for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and other special occasions. Jean’s first book of poetry was self-published; her second book– Morning Light is available on Amazon along with her first of a series of Kindle e-books Christmas Poetry to Inspire.
Jean is a professional member of the Canadian Authors Association and has served on the Vancouver executive for the past 15 years. She is currently treasurer, story contest coordinator and National Voices anthology compiler/designer. Jean is also a member of World Poetry and The Ontario Poetry Society. Jean lives in Tsawwassen, BC with her husband Jerry and Poomba – their cat.
Jean’s WordPress blog, YouTube videos and website can be accessed at

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