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Alberta Romance Writers (Calgary)
The purpose of the Alberta Romance Writers’ Association is to promote excellence in romance fiction writing and to provide support for its members through professional development. The Association evolved in 1987 from a six‑week workshop co-sponsored by Alberta Culture, Film and Literary Arts and the Calgary Public Library. In September of 1989, the Association was incorporated under the Societies Act of Alberta as a nonprofit organizationThe objectives of the Association have been proven by the number of professional writing careers that have been launched since its inception.

Alexandra Writers Centre Society (Calgary)
The Alexandra Writers’ Centre Society aims to bring writers together. We provide a relaxed, friendly and encouraging environment where writers of all ages and abilities feel safe learning the craft and sharing the difficulties of the writing experience.

Calgary Crime Writers
Come talk crime! Do you write crime or mystery? This is a great group for you. The Calgary Crime Writers meet once a month, September through June. Guest speakers, discussion and more. Monthly meetings at Alexandra Writers Centre, September through June.

Interior Authors Group (Kamloops, BC)
What do we do? We meet monthly to support and lift each and to learn and grow in the craft of writing together. There is a workshop at each monthly meeting and guest speakers will come and knock our socks off every now and again too. Meetings are also a place to come and read and discuss your work for feedback. It’s such a boost talking about your current project with other fellow writers.
We’re poets, we’re song writers, we’re bloggers, we’re screenplay creators, we’re literary authors, romance authors, mystery authors and every other genre and sub-genre you can come up with. We’ve got some truly talented non-fiction writers, and even a few journal writers have been know to be at a meeting or two. We’re veteran authors, debut authors and a whole bunch of people who aspire to get that first book into print.
So if you want to learn more about the craft of writing, or about publishing and self-publishing, or if you want to rub shoulders with veteran authors who’ve made careers out of their skills with words, or even if you just want to improve your own story telling, come check us out!

Writers Foundation of Strathcona County
The Writers Foundation of Strathcona County (WFSC) was founded in 2005 to support writers… any age, any stage of their writing career. We currently have 40+ members and meet monthly (averages 6 – 10 attendees) in a sharing meeting at our local library. Our signature events include a spring writer’s conference and fall Words in the Park ~ Book and Author Fair held in conjunction with Alberta Culture Days.

Writing Life: Women’s Writing Circle (Nanaimo, BC)

Mary Ann Moore: I’m a poet, writer and writing mentor in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.
I’ve put poet first and perhaps it’s meant to come first as I became a poet in my grandparents’ garden in Eganville, Ontario where as an only child I developed my imagination. All sorts of writing followed in the form of diaries and journals, columns and articles for newspapers, travel pieces, poetry, personal essays and book reviews.  And now a blog!
Writing is my spiritual practice. It comes out of the solitude as I experienced it as an only child and from writing in community. I find I need both the solitude and the support of a circle of writers.
Inspiration comes from blue doors and red shoes; foggy days and full-moon nights; smooth stones and moss-covered rocks; poets, dancers, singers and tricksters; small tables and Greek salads; the hours of a monastic day; a waiting desk; the smell of new books; burning sage; the great blue heron as muse outside my window; the fir trees I name Constant, Stillness and Serendipity.

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