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Jean Kay

Natures Gifts

Trinity Funk

Window Triology, by Trinity Funk

Lisa Lunney

Ursa Major

Boris Glikman

A Dog’s Tale

Art Proctor

Beyond the Eye, by Art Proctor


Marching – along
By Jean Kay
Marching Along
New Growth
By Jean Kay
New Growth
A Winter Romance, Lisa Lunney
A Winter Romance
Two Powerful Words, Jean Kay
Two Powerful Words, by Jean Kay
Autumn Days, Jean Kay
Autumn Days
As Above, So Below, Lisa Lunney
As Above So Below
Creatures of the Night, Boris Glikman
Creatures of the Night
Autumn, Lisa Lunney
Autumn, by Lisa Lunney
A Long Forgotten Tune, Boris Glikman
Waking Up to Life, Boris Glikman
WAKING UP TO LIFE, by Boris Glikman
Butterfly, Beth Gibbons
Butterfly, by Beth Gibbons
The Wildest of Roses, Linda Crate
the wildest of wild roses
A Dog’s Tale, Boris Glikman
A Dog’s Tale
Renewal Time, Jean Kay
Renewal Time
Love in Business, Jean Kay
Love in Business
2017 Has Begun, Jean Kay
2017 Has Begun
Be Grateful, Jean Kay
Be Grateful
Progress, Jean Kay
PROGRESS, by Jean Kay
Our Canada, Jean Kay
Our Canada, by Jean Kay
Expressing Love, Jean Kay