Taija Morgan

Taija Morgan | Main Feature Writer 
While writing my first book, I realized that everyone has a book in them, and everyone has a voice that deserves to be heard. After that, I started my own editing business—T. Morgan Editing Services, a service for writers in all genres (fiction and non-fiction, traditionally published or indie/self-published) who are looking for professional editing to make their writing stand out. I also write deliciously disturbing fiction as contemporary horror author J.J. Reichenbach.

Sherile Reilly

Sherile Reilly | Feature Writer 
Sherile writes contemporary romance, women’s fiction, and historical paranormal romance. Sherile’s latest book is, The Curse of the Lord of Darkness.

Doug Lawrence

Doug Lawrence | Feature Writer
President, International Certified Mentor Practitioner/International Certified Mentor Facilitator; TalentC – People Services Inc. – “Making you successful is what matters”
An international speaker and author of The Gift of Mentoring (2014), his second book is set to publish in late 2019.

social media Catherine S

Catherine Saykaly-Stevens | Columnist: Social Media and Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Expert in Residence
Catherine is currently the owner of The Networking Web where she specializes in Audience Growth and Fan-Engagement, Social Media Consulting and Training for group courses or for one-on-one consulting. She trains authors, entrepreneurs, writers, and speakers how to quickly and easily make a shift in your work to bring audience growth, increased fan-engagement, and expedite reach & influence, resulting in more sales.

Barbori Garnet

Barbori Garnet | Columnist: Writer Retreats Alberta
Barbori Garnet is a Creative Arts professional – writer, artist and musician – based in Calgary, AB. She finds lots of inspiration from and enjoys being in her family’s fruit, vegetable and perennial garden and likes to spend time in the mountains. Barbori has a BFA in Painting & Drawing and an MA Communications in Public Relations.

Harrison Kim | Columnist: Writer Retreats British Columbia
Harrison lives in Victoria, BC and contributes a variety of articles to Opal Writers’ Magazine. Some of his most recent articles have included wonderful Writer Retreat ideas for authors and writers.

Dee Mago

Dee Mago | Columnist: Health & Wellness
Expert Health and Fitness Writer
I have been struggling with my perception of what a perfect body is. That is why I created Dee Health n’ Fitness. Through my vision and mission, I am committed to creating an impact on the planet, as well as future generations to help and influence you to have an easy, simple and sustainable lifestyle that allows you to go back to the basics and connect with the self, while using exercise as a tool.

Sandra Fitzpatrick

Sandra Fitzpatrick | Columnist: Financial and Money Matters
Financial Expert in Residence
Sandra writes the financial articles and provides important and timely tax tips for authors, writers, and small business.


Stella Constance | Columnist 
Multi-projects content writer and community educator with over 30 years of experience working with different organizations (including educational institutions, governmental and non-profit organizations). Projects span from the fields of education in institutional settings to sustainable community development to technical writing / editing.

Don Howden

Don Howden | Columnist 
Don has been a home theater and home automation expert for the last 20 years. Serving Calgary and surrounding area. www.smilehometech.com

Jean Kay

Jean Kay | Poet in Residence
Jean Kay has written a poem at the start of every morning since Oct 1997. Her books, Morning Light, and Christmas Poetry to Inspire are available on Amazon. Jean is published in newsletters, anthologies, magazines, Coffee News, and she sells framed poems, bookmarks, and prayer cards. Her specialty is creating commissioned poems for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, retirements, etc. Jean is a professional member of Canadian Authors Association. Jean wrote the music and lyrics for Canada, our Canada, a song to honour Canada’s 150th anniversary.  https://poetrytoinspire.com



Liberty Forrest, mind-body-spirit

Liberty Forrest 
Internationally renowned psychic and medium, author
My life and work are dedicated to sharing what I’ve discovered throughout this journey of challenges, healing, and finding balance, leading those who have also come through the other side of suffering as they seek a deeper connection with themselves, and greater meaning in life. I am so blessed to be able use my natural abilities as a psychic and medium, along with my passion for writing, art and music to share my messages of hope, empowerment and healing.
Every day is a precious gift, no matter what your circumstances.

Barbara Shorrock
Barbara is a retired Calgary Realtor and avid gardener. She is a member of the Calgary Horticultural Society and has been writing the monthly column for Opal Writers’ Magazine for four years.

Charmaine Hammond

Charmaine Hammond, Raise A Dream
Helps authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs raise their dreams, launch their books, and make a bigger difference in the world through collaboration, partnership, and sponsorship. Charmaine is a 4-time best-selling author with five books and is authored in seven others.
Website: www.raiseadream.com

Donald H Roberts graphic

Donald H Roberts, Author
Donald lives in Gore Bay, Ontario and writes captivating short fiction. He is published and you can find his stories on Amazon.

Boris Glikman, Writer
Lives in Australia and submits a variety of short fiction and poetry.

Lisa Lunney, Writer
Lives in Alberta and shares her lovely poetry with Opal Writers’ Magazine.