Opal Valentines Day Featured Short Fiction

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Opal Writers’ Magazine features the following short fiction for Valentines Day.


By Megan Michelau (author at http://www.meganmichelau.com/)

“No!” Sara shrieked as she fanned the billowing smoke from the now scorched pot roast. Everything was going wrong and no matter what she did it only made it worse. She turned her gaze to her trashed kitchen and sighed heavily. This wasn’t like her. She usually had everything in order and never stressed about the little things. The problem? This Valentine’s Day wasn’t like the rest that they’d spent together.

“Need a hand?” Trent’s deep voice broke through her haze, startling her. She screamed and threw the towel directly in his face, staggering back in alarm.

Sara’s heart nearly burst from fright as she stared at her husband standing in the kitchen with a cloth on his head and briefcase in his hand. She couldn’t help but snicker at how ridiculous he looked. She’d been so lost in her own thoughts that he’d been able to sneak up behind her.

“Sorry.” he chuckled as he pulled the towel from his head and tossed it to the counter. His gaze appraised every last inch of the kitchen and his eyes went wide. “I’m going to assume that tonight is a take-out kind of night?” Wasn’t that the understatement of the year.

“This isn’t how I pictured our anniversary.” she sighed heavily as an idea popped to the forefront of her mind. Maybe she could salvage the evening after all. “How about I give you your present now and then we go out for dinner?” Her heart skipped in anticipation.

“Okay.” he said brightly. Sara was fully aware what he was hoping for, but that would have to wait.

She grabbed his hand and pulled him toward the spare bedroom where an ultrasound photo was taped to the door marked nursery.

“You’re going to be a father.”


By Louise Philp (author at https://www.facebook.com/louise.philp.1650)

He was absolutely certain she was the one.

Clancy paced back and forth, anxious about his first meeting with Linda. Nervous because she had only seen his photograph; knew only the basics about his likes and quirks.

She was late. Clancy tried to wait patiently, hoping he didn’t look as terrified as he felt, knowing this might be his last chance. He was aware that this room, with its concrete floors and hard chairs, wasn’t ideal for a first date. He would have preferred a comfortable sofa or a park bench.

Voices in the hall. The door opened.

Immediately, Clancy knew that it wasn’t love at first sight for Linda. “Well. You’re very…. big,” she observed. Linda doesn’t lean in for a welcoming hug, or reach for a proper handshake, instead choosing to sit on one of the hard chairs.

Clancy knew he was big. He also knew that he was old, his hair scruffy and his ears too long. My eyes, he thought desperately. Look into my eyes. You will see boundless love in my eyes.

He tried to make himself smaller as he manoeuvred his body closer to hers, pleased to find that she smelled wonderful, natural. Gently, he raised an arm to request a proper greeting, a reason to touch physically.

A smile broke out on Linda’s face. “You are very polite.” She completed the gesture and her hand lingered, their eyes met. An understanding was reached.

Linda took his face into her hands, her fingers gentle on his neck. Clancy leaned forward, very carefully inhaling the faint scent of peanut butter on her cheek, accidentally left there at breakfast. He couldn’t resist a delicate taste.

Linda laughed. Clancy’s tail thumped. He was absolutely certain she was the one.


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