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Kay Petryk 2018

Our February issue is looking for book reviews and highly targeted articles for authors, writers, and readers.
We are open to submissions. Deadline is the January 10th.

Contact me, Kay Petryk, at 

Submission Guidelines

We accept book reviews and highly targeted articles to authors, writers, and readers.

Articles are informative, educational, or entertaining.  An article should not be promotional and does not promote any product, service, or brand.  Articles should be no longer than 700 words in length. We will often provide a stock photo to accompany the article if one is not provided.

Blogs: do you have a blog for writers or authors? Want to share your blog and increase your reader reach? Right now we are looking for Travel blogs. Our audience is authors and writers. As a travel blogger you will suggest great places where our hard-writing professionals can go and chill out. The ideal word count would be 1200 words and images are highly recommended.

Book reviews are an essential tool for authors to promote their books, and for the Reader it can be a wonderful glimpse into the authors book. Opal Publishing provides the Reviewer’s name and credentials on the book review (name, website) .The book review should be 300-500 words. Book cover images should accompany your book review.

*  All submissions are subject to approval. Opal Publishing reserves the right to refuse any submitted content.

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Submission Deadlines

Editorial Deadline: All submissions are due 30 days prior to publication. Opal Writers’ Magazine is published on the first of every month.
Example: Deadline  May 1st for the June publication.