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Make Sure Your 2019 Book Business Plan Includes Collaboration

Becoming and remaining a successful author doesn’t happen by accident; it requires planning. One way to make 2019 your best year ever is to do a planning exercise called a Review and Learn. This is a process of reviewing the year that ended and planning what you will take forward and what you will leave behind.

I use this process with my corporate clients when I facilitate their team building sessions, strategic planning, and when evaluating projects and collaborations. And at Raise a Dream, we also encourage our author and entrepreneur clients to use this model for planning because it works.

How to Do a Review and Learn:

Asking these four seemingly simple questions will help you and your team uncover vital information for making decisions and plans about your book business:

  1. What worked well?
  2. What was a challenge?
  3. What did you learn?
  4. What will you do differently?

Ensure you record your answers to these questions, as each time you begin a new project related to your book, plan a campaign or launch, implement a new system, or build new collaborations, this information will help ensure you don’t repeat challenges and mistakes.

Planning for Collaboration:

If your list of “things to do differently” includes boosting your bottom line, one such strategy for authors is building collaborations and relationships with local businesses and corporate sponsors. Sponsorship is a form of marketing where brands, companies, and/or businesses pay to be associated with various events, projects, campaigns, launches, products, etc.

There is also a movement of smaller businesses getting more involved in sponsorship as they see the tremendous benefit of working in collaboration with partners and sponsoring events and projects. Collaborations like this may help introduce sponsors to a new or wider audience, showcase their products and services, and support the community where they live and work.  

The first 40 sponsors I worked with to support my book projects were all local and small businesses (and people that I knew… so, no cold calling). Making local connections positioned me well to begin building relationships with bigger businesses/sponsors and the energy that was created by the sponsors was incredible. My social following increased, events filled up because of their local influence, I sold a lot more books, and together we made a bigger difference in the world.

So as you begin to plot out your 2019 book marketing plans, take a few minutes to do the Review and Learn process and explore ways that collaboration and sponsorship can help you get your message and book into the hands of readers around the world.

Charmaine Hammond writes for the Opal Writers’ Magazine and you can see more of her articles here!

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