Supporting and Promoting Authors and Writers with Professional Editing, Book Reviews, and Graphic Design. 


From basic copyediting and proofreading to substantive and developmental editing.


Magazine, newsletters, email marketing, business documents.

Graphic Design

Social media designs for your marketing campaigns. Need more? We have an experienced graphic designer just for your needs.

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Book Reviews

Our book review service is still growing but we can promise you that your book will be read and you can expect an expert review that will be posted and shared on the social media channels of your choice. Depending on the volume of your book, will determine how long it takes to receive your review. You can expect 2 or 3 weeks is the average turn around time.

Our story

Opal Publishing began in November 2014.

Cindy DeJager has had a keen interest in writing and publishing all of her life. She began early in grade school with writing stories and poetry and then her interest in increased as she watched her mother research and write her own book.

In the years to come she helped her mother with the marketing and sales of her book and she learned web design. 

Cindy managed a book review service for new and published authors under the name of BookReviews411. It was from this experience that she decided to create a monthly newsletter that she distributed to the Calgary Library branches. 


In 2009 she began working for Great News Publishing and for 8 years she was the senior editor, until 2017. During those years she learned everything that she could about running a publishing company.

Cindy decided to start her own publishing company and Opal Publishing was founded in November 2014.

The Opal Writers’ Magazine was published for 5 years and though the print edition was discontinued last fall.

OPAL PUBLISHING continues to support authors and writers with editing, book reviews, and marketing your book on the social media channels.

Cindy DeJager - Opal Publishing

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