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Social Media Strategies – LinkedIn Account Need an Update?

It doesn’t matter who you are. If you’re online, you should have an up-to-date LinkedIn account.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is social networking site designed for the business community. LinkedIn represents your online professional credibility. You ‘connect’ with others, and not ‘friend’ or ‘follow’. Unlike Facebook, you wouldn’t connect with Crazy John from High School who posts inappropriate pictures. You’ll find few memes and there are no silly songs, or viral cat videos here.
Consider LinkedIn your online Rolodex; one of the fewer social platforms where men outnumber women, but not by much.

I’m a writer, do I really need a LinkedIn account?

Yes, you do. Connect with as many fans, super fans and friends you can on each social platform. However, you also need to appeal to the collaborators, agents, publishers, and interviewers? Blogs, blabs, podcasts, radio, print, even TV, and don’t forget the influencers. Each good introduction could open a door to a whole new audience, and these people do business on LinkedIn.
Simple static OR full and complex?

Your LinkedIn profile is easy to fill out. The summary and sections are parsed for you past work, educations and awards/recognition. There are updates, blog-like posts, and even company pages. (Sound familiar? FB) There are groups to engage with, connections to seek, and a simple email tool for direct contact.

You could set up LinkedIn once and leave it be. That is a viable option as you’ll always be represented should someone seek you.
However, if you wish to be proactive and reach many more people, you’ll leverage more from LinkedIn. Fill every section, take the time to build a powerful summary, and actively seek connection and engage with others. Write to impress.

Rewrite your summary every 6 months
Even if you choose write it once and leave it, plan to return and update your LinkedIn summary every 6 months. Why? Well, because you’ve changed. Maybe not every 6 months, but priorities and focus shifts. You may not be aware of it, and a new viewer will read your summary as if ‘that’ is who you are right now.

• Have you found better words or phrases that describe what you do (clarity)?
• Are you working on a new project or new genre?
• Do you have a new book, screenplay, flash fiction, or poem to add?
• Do you have any new media links to add?
• Do you have a video to add ?
• Did a colleague send you 4 spelling errors to fix ?

Your LinkedIn photo, title, and summary are someone’s first professional impression of you. Make it count.

Quick Tip

  • With every change you make to your LinkedIn summary; the news-feed will post your alterations. You may wish to keep your ongoing changes private as you revise.
  • Turn OFF: Notify your network?
  • Make your changes – get feedback – make more changes.
  • Turn ON: Notify your network?

Do you have your LinkedIn account and summary completed recently?

If not, go to after reading OPAL e-zine.

See you online,
Leveraging LinkedIn, interviews. This is your social, but professional currency.

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