NCP Consulting

Opal is proud to offer this page to Stella Constance and the Nairobi community school: Jabes Orphanage School, because Opal believes in supporting reading for everyone.

Welcome Jabes Orphanage School!

Elementary Level:

  1. Weeny Witch (Reading Level: Elementary+)
  2. What do you do with an Idea? (Reading Level: Elementary+)
  3. Ada Twist, Scientist (Reading Level: Elementary+)

Youth+ Level:

  1. Article: How Information Sources Shape Your World (Reading Level: Youth+)
  2. Article: How Information Sources Shape Your World: Part 2, Changing History for Better Outcomes (Reading Level: Youth+)
  3. Your Life is Your Message (Reading Level: Youth+)
  4. Along Came a Wolf (Reading Level: Youth+)
  5. 8,789 Words of Wisdom (Reading Level: Youth+)
  6. Flashback
    Flashback by Simon Rose – A Review by Stella Constance


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