Blind, by Trinity Funk

I hear you

The low echoes of your voice sound in the empty void you left behind. The murmur of traffic flowing in the background. You have returned. I don’t know what brought you back to this moment, but I said that I would always accept you. I will. Here you are. I want only to apologize for all the harm I have caused. I blamed you for all the trouble and chaos that went on in my life. I want the opportunity to ask forgiveness. But I can no longer see you, a barrier has been placed between us. A wall of emotion that won’t be so easily knocked down.

I hear you

The constant reminder of all the pain I went through. I can still imagine your soft caramel hair molded to its permanent shape. Your hazel eyes, oh, but how beautiful they are. Seared into my mind, like a branding on a piece of wood. I want nothing more than to call out your name, for you to finally notice me. Do you remember who I am? I have been waiting for your return thinking of ways to apologize for the harm I caused in your life.

I hear you

Your cries of forgiveness muted by the gossip people have created. We have become an object of ridicule. A thing for people to hide their pain behind. You have let them write our story, and I am the villain. Cunning and evil, but I was no match for your pure heart. Trapped behind the bars of a cell, silently rotting away, with only my regret to keep me company. I miss you. The joy you brought to my life. I miss being able to see you, even though you would just look past me. You were my story. Like the last pages of a book, I was not ready for our story to end. And here I am. My regret still permanent. Your return is not the dream I imagined. My silent plea for forgiveness lost to the chaos of the world.

I hear you

If only you would just hear me. I’m sorry.


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