How to Create a Cozy Reading Corner Anywhere

How to Create A Cozy Reading Corner Anywhere

in 10 Minutes or Less

There’s nothing better than relaxing with a book in your own little reading space. It’s the perfect way to wind down from a stressful day, and it makes reading an even better experience (yes, it’s possible to make reading even better). With a scented candle, a roaring fireplace, a cup of tea, and a soft, warm blanket, you have everything you need to travel to other worlds through your pages.
However, most of us don’t have the space to have a designated reading corner. But what if you could make a temporary one with things you could find around your house, and in less than ten minutes? I’m going to show you how.

What you need:

A clear space
A candle
A book
A cup of your preferred beverage
A laptop
A pillow pack or heating pad
A blanket

Choosing your spot

The beauty of a temporary reading corner is that you can set it up anywhere. I set mine up on my bed in my dorm room, but you can also set it up on a chair, the couch, even on the floor. Pick a clean space that you can sit on for a long period of time. The last thing you want is to set up a reading corner on dusty, uneven floorboards. How are you supposed to get sucked into your story when you’re constantly fidgeting and wiping dust off your pants?
The foundation

Arrange your pillows so you can lean up against them and sit on them comfortably. I find a neck pillow really helpful, especially when I lean up against a wall. Put the blanket down in front of them, ready for you to slip under.

Making it cozy

The next thing to do is to heat the pillow pack in the microwave, or if it’s electronic, to just turn it on. Pillow packs are fantastic for reading, especially if you are in a cold room. Having that warmth right under the blankets makes you feel all cozy and immediately helps you to relax. Also, applying heat can help soothe aches and pains, including cramps. It’s the perfect thing to help you relax.
Don’t already have one? No problem. You can make a pillow pack out of a sock and a couple cups of rice. Simply fill the sock with rice until the sock is about halfway full. Then close off the sock with a knot and you have a new pillow pack. To heat it up, just put it in the microwave for about one to two minutes. If it’s not hot enough after two minutes, put it back in for another minute. When it’s warm, put it under the blanket to warm it up.

Creating the atmosphere

Next, turn on your laptop and find a video of a fireplace. If it has the crackle of the burning wood, then even better. You can find virtual fireplaces for free on YouTube. There are also a couple of them on Netflix as well, which I often use.
With your fireplace burning and the pillow pack heating your seat, you’re almost done. All that’s left are the finishing touches. Set the candle on a flat, level surface close to you. If you’re sitting on the floor, then make sure it’s in a place where you won’t kick it over. If it helps, put the candle on a thick book. Having it elevated even a little helps me from bumping into it. Nudging the book with your knee or foot is a lot less disastrous than knocking over a candle in the wrong place and accidentally starting a fire. Putting the candle in a tall candle holder might not hurt either.
Caution: Refreshments May Be Hot
After your reading corner is created, grab your beverage. Like the candle, you’ll want it close by not in danger of spilling. And remember that you’re going to be reading. You don’t want to hold a sweating glass of water right before you touch pages, just like you don’t want to burn yourself with a hot mug that doesn’t have a handle. I often use a traveling mug with a lid. It protects my hands and I can grab it quickly without spilling, even when my eyes are glued to the page.
And of course the most important part —
Grab your book! Whatever book you wish! Now get under the covers, and enjoy!

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