Home Gardening with Barbara – Feng Shui

Feng Shui is on my mind again.

Perhaps it is because of the “clutter” thing. Maybe because winter causes us to look more inside our homes than outside. Whatever the reason, it is a good time of year to review some Feng Shui principles. There are, of course, far too many to cover in a short article, but let’s focus on just a couple.

We all love to decorate our homes, both inside and out, this time of year with wonderful seasonal treasures, and we enjoy every sight and sound of Christmas while it lasts. By the time you read this, most of these things will have already been returned to their boxes until next December. Now is an appropriate time to be ruthless with the other stuff. If you don’t love it, need it, use it, or wear it, get rid of it. The principle is simple; the action not so easy. So take one room at a time and remember that Feng Shui says that everything has chi or energy. Too many things create chaos in the energy field, and our life can reflect this chaos. One simple task can be to hang a wind chime at your front door and remove absolutely all clutter from the entry to your home (inside and out).

Living things have their own chi, and healthy houseplants are carriers of vital energy and add life and color to our homes. They also provide a benevolent cleaning of the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and giving off oxygen. Plants with a soft graceful appearance are preferred to sharp spiky ones. Fresh flowers also add color and sensuality to a room. They elevate the mood and perfume the air. Dried flowers are an alternative that some people like, but their life isn’t as long as you might think. Dead flowers can actually deplete the energy in a space, rather than enhance it.
Pets are natural batteries of chi, and they bring the loving spirit out in just about anyone. It is well known that visiting pets enhances the well-being of residents of long-term care and retirement homes, and we intuitively understand that a clean and healthy pet contributes to the energy of a home.

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