Have You Built These Ten Marketing Actions Into Your Book Launches and Sales Plan?

Launching a book virtually or through live events, becoming a best-seller, and selling books beyond the launch requires a team of partners and champions, a plan, and action.

 “It takes a team to raise a dream.” The steps below will encourage you to reach out and collaborate with others to help you effectively launch your next publication.

10-Must-Do Marketing Steps for Your Next Book Launch:

Here are some book marketing and sales strategies you want to make sure you add to your book launch “to do” list:

  1. Pre-write Tweets that are 140 characters or less and post via the pre-scheduling function into Hootsuite (or similar social media manager) to run leading up to the event and on the day of the event. Include the link to your book on Amazon in these Tweets (Hootesuite will shorten the link for you or you can shorten via a platform like Owly).
  2. Pre-write posts for LinkedIn and set a Google calendar or project management system (like Asana or Teamwork) reminder to post (adding photos or videos will help  you expand your reach).
  3. Pre-schedule posts into Facebook so posting is easy on the day of your launch.
  4. Have a press release written in advance ready to send out the week before and day of the launch. Ask your circle of champions to engage with the post on social media when it goes live.  
  5. Create a press release that is ready to go if you reach best-seller status.
  6. Notify any organizations and associations you belong to about your launch. This includes your college and university alumni.
  7. If you are holding an event on launch day, you may wish for people to purchase their books at the launch on Amazon, so have your computer, internet access, and everything else needed ready to go to make this happen.
  8. Reach out to bloggers and reviewers and ask them to post a blog or review of your book on launch day. Ensure you share these actively through social media and ask your partners to do the same. Also invite people to comment as the more comments and energy, the better the launch goes.
  9. Invite people to post their reviews of your book on Amazon launch day (but ensure there are good reviews on Amazon before you launch).
  10. Foster partner and champion support:
    • Provide instructions to your partners so they know how to support you.
    • Provide them with pre-written social media posts.
    • Ask them to share the press releases.
    • Ensure they tag you on social media so you can really generate energy around your posts and launch.

These actions will help you sell more books, build your author brand, and make a bigger difference in the world.

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