The Gushul Studio

The Gushul Studio and Cottage

The Gushul Studio and Cottage, owned by the University of Lethbridge and run by the Gushul Residency Program Committee, is a retreat centre for both writers and artists (it has two separate buildings to accommodate at least one writer and one artist at any given time). Located in the southern Alberta mountain town of Blairmore in the Crowsnest Pass, the quiet setting offers an ideal space for getting lots of writing done. The history of the local area is no less interesting and may provide you with a starting point for a new story or article.

Both the Studio and the Cottage make available studio and living areas with the Studio being more suited to visual and media artists, equipped with easels and tables, and groups of up to four people. The Studio even has a north-facing wall full of windows which can be particularly well-suited to artists or those wanting to work on art projects and needing natural light.

A view through the north-facing windows of The Gushul Studio - Blairmore, AB

A view through the north-facing windows of The Gushul Studio – Blairmore, AB

In order to stay at the Studio or Cottage, the writer or artist must submit a completed application form along with supporting documents which include a cover letter, proposal statement, CV, optional letters of reference, and supporting materials. Residencies are usually at least one month in length but can be shorter or longer depending on the project the writer or artist wants to work on and approval from the committee. Make sure to read through the application requirements (found here: and the availability of the Studio and Cottage before submitting your application (found here:

The Gushul Studio and Cottage is within walking distance of the main street of Blairmore where you can find a lovely coffee shop or two, a weekly farmer’s market during the warmer months, and a library for accessing additional resources and materials. There are lots of ways to get connected and become involved in the local community during a writer’s or artist’s residency time.

If being surrounded by the mountains inspires your creative work and you need a longer span of time to become immersed in and complete your project, then The Gushul Studio and Cottage could be the perfect fit for you for your next retreat. Just make sure to apply as early as you can so that you have a higher chance of being there during the month (and year!) that works for your schedule!

For more information on The Gushul Studio and Cottage, including applying for a residency and viewing more photos of the studio spaces available, visit their gushul-residencies.

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