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Book Review: The Fountain, by Suzi Vadori (Book Review)


Suzy Vadori, author

Suzy Vadori, author

Review by Kris
The Avid Reader

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The Fountain, by Suzy Vadori
is a young adult novel. Ava Marshall has looked forward to going to St. Augustus (high school).

St. Augustus is her parent’s alma mater and it is near her grandmother’s home. Ava is hoping to learn more about her mother (who is deceased and no one will speak about). She gets the perfect opportunity when her father has to go overseas for a year for work. Unfortunately, it seems that Courtney Wallis has taken a dislike to Ava.
Courtney is on the swim team, comes from a rich family, and is one of the popular girls. Courtney starts out by giving Ava the wrong time for swim practice making her late. Ava is hoping to join the swim team. Courtney then changes the lock on Ava’s locker leaving her without clothes and then plants drugs in the locker. Ava is sent to her grandmother’s home for the weekend to await her fate (she could be expelled her very first week). Ava takes the path through the woods to her grandmother’s home and comes across a beautiful fountain. Ava’s mother loved fountains and wishing wells (she taught her daughter to believe). Ava makes a very expected wish (we would all do the same in her shoes).
The next day Ava wakes up and her wish has come true. Unfortunately, her wish had some unforeseen consequences. Ava decides to find the fountain (which has disappeared) and change her wish.

Will Ava be able to change her wish? You really have to be careful or you will get what you wish for!
The Fountain was a fun book to read. It is fast paced with minimum teenage angst moments. There is no sex in the book (which is unusual for this type of book), but it did not need it. There is a good lesson or moral to the story. I liked how Ava changed throughout the course of the book and it was interesting to follow her adventure.

I give The Fountain 4.25 out of 5 stars (I got a little frustrated with Ava a few times). Overall, The Fountain is a very enjoyable book that can be read by readers from 10 to 100!

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