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Folk Tree Lodge - Deer House_sm

Deer House

Nestled among the trees and fresh air of the Alberta foothills close to Bragg Creek, Folk Tree Lodge is an oasis ready to welcome writers in search of a space that offers the time and freedom to reflect and write.

Having won a scholarship for a self-directed writing retreat in February this year, I looked into available retreat options close to Calgary. Folk Tree Lodge was one of them. It had availability at a time in early June that worked for my schedule and the staff was easy to work with to accommodate my short, two-night retreat.

After checking in and bringing my bags into the Deer House (one of the three accommodation options on the 30+ acres to choose from), I began my retreat by going on a lovely and inspiring evening walk. The walk took me on beautiful paths around the perimeter of the property. The sun was shining through the leaves and branches, and together with the textural variety on the path, the warm light provided equal parts inspiration and relaxation.

Barbori writing in the dining room

Barbori writing in the dining room

There were many places to choose from to sit down and write, including a comfortable place at the kitchen table with a nice view out the window overlooking the front yard area, or the table in the dining room, or the couch or armchair in the living room area. Each of these locations had plenty of natural light. The dining and living room areas looked out into the window- and light-filled sunroom area and beyond at the nature surrounding Deer House.

While there was a TV and a DVD player, there was no cable. This turned out to be an advantage as it truly helped with my focus on writing. I did use the old cassette player and enjoyed having 1950s music playing in the background. The kitchen was a good size and well equipped which made it easy to bring groceries, to be able to make quick meals and snacks whenever I felt the call to munch on something.

As my self-directed writing retreat drew to a close in the beautiful setting of Folk Tree Lodge, I had accomplished the goals I had set out for myself in writing a non-fiction book project. I even had enough time to visit the town of Bragg Creek and to experience a delightful afternoon tea and snack at The Heart of Bragg Creek café!

Barbori Garnet

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Barbori Garnet is a Creative Arts professional – writer, artist and musician – based in Calgary, AB.
She finds lots of inspiration from and enjoys being in her family’s fruit, vegetable and perennial garden and likes to spend time in the mountains.
Barbori has a BFA in Painting & Drawing and an MA Communications in Public Relations.
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