Finding Sophie by Laura Lovett

Finding Sophie – a psychological thriller by Laura Lovett

Finding Sophie – a novel by Laura Lovett

Cadence has a normal life, a happy marriage, a successful career, and two growing children. Then, on her daughter Sophie’s twelfth birthday, the world Cadence has so carefully rebuilt cracks at its foundations.

This sequel to the 2016’s critically acclaimed ‘Losing Cadence’ is everything that I was looking for in a psychological thriller.  From the taut writing style to the fully developed characters, it does not disappoint.  I didn’t expect this book to impact me the way it did. I expected tension, I expected action – I got them in spades. What I didn’t anticipate was the emotional attachment that I felt with the main characters, not only Cadence and her family, but also the strong cast of antagonists.

There is a symmetry in this book that I found really pleasing. As a child the antagonist was traumatized by witnessing a horrific series of events, will the same happen to the twelve-year-old Sophie? Can her family find a way to prevent the trauma from wreaking the same type of damage on her? Will it turn a gifted child into the monster who abducted her?

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*disclaimer* I received a copy of Finding Sophie from Ms Lovett’s publicist in return for an unbiased review.

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