Fiction: The Creature, by John D Robinson

The Creature

By John D Robinson

We stood around like a gathering of half-witted village idiots with nothing better to do. We stood quietly for some time, maybe even for hours and then someone said “I’m going home.”
The two dozen of us turned and looked at him as if he had suddenly grown two more heads. He didn’t say anything else, he put on his hat and then began whistling and walking in the direction of his home. The rest of us stayed put, we weren’t going anywhere just yet. A decision would have to be made. A few of us gazed at our watches, scratched at our necks and attempted to recite the alphabet backwards; it helped pass the time whilst a decision was being contemplated.
All of a sudden the Mayor cleared his throat noisily and it aroused our attention. He said, “Perhaps, ladies and gentleman, we should seek further advice and guidance on this rather delicate matter at hand.”
For some reason we all looked at one another and nodded our heads in unison.
It all began this earlier morning: there was some kind of explosion in the atmosphere just above the rooftops of the town. Then a storm erupted with thunder crashes and lightning bolts and wild rains and wind. The whole show lasted about an hour. This soon forgotten, the town began to get back to its normality when an ear piercing scream changed everything. It was a scream that we knew would change our lives forever; it was a life-changing scream. We ran to the scream.
We found a screaming, shaking woman, her face glowing with terror as she pointed to a hole in the ground. We peered into the hole and saw a most magnificent creature like one has never seen before. It was about the size of a piglet, it was a mass of swirling bright colours: with each breath drawn, a different shade of colour would flush through its body. It looked so beautiful and frightened as it looked up into our glaring faces. Its eyes were large and water filled, they eyed the environment slowly. This creature was like something out of a child’s fairytale that has a happy ending.
The Mayor summoned the police. They looked into the hole and they didn’t know what to do; this creature wasn’t breaking any civil or criminal laws, it was a job for the armed forces and emergency services. The newspapers were on the scene of course the moment that the scream had ripped through the air.
The military forces arrived: eighty armed soldiers, a battalion of armoured vehicles and battleship helicopters hovered overhead. It was a sight to see.
The town’s people, the Mayor, the police, the armed forces and emergency services gathered around the hole in the ground, looking at this most wonderful creature. The creature looked back with those darling eyes. Soon one of us would kill it; we knew this and so did the creature. It was our nature and that wouldn’t change. Soon this creature would die, it was just a simple question of how and when.

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