Catherine Saykaly-Stevens

Do You Have a Facebook Share to Spare?

Social Media Strategies, with Catherine Saykaly-Stevens

Most Facebook posts have 4 options: Like, Comment, Share, plus a mystery fourth option.

In the last two Opal Magazine issues, we looked at the Facebook Like’s popularity contest and the Facebook Comment’s engagement. Now let’s focus on the Facebook Share.

We choose to share Facebook posts to:

▪ Show our audience new content we consume
▪ Support the original poster
▪ Redirect the information/entertainment to another group, page, or individual

There are only 2 people in a share:
● The originating poster
● The last person who shared it

There are 2 directions with a share:
● Linear sharing – 1 person shares to 1 person who shares to another 1 person, etc.,
● Complex sharing – multiple people sharing on every level, often with cross-over.

Each share is a jackpot hit for the originating poster. It’s not about receiving an individual’s attention, or attracting a small group of commenters and their engaged friends. A Facebook Share is about a free introduction to an entirely new audience who may not be familiar with the originating poster.
Large scale expansion may occur with each share (depending on that person’s audience). It occurs with each share, increasing online reach.

Share is an easy link to press under most Facebook posts, yet it is the least used of the three.
It may be worth noting that different posts trigger different responses. i.e. not all posts shared are commented on; not all posts shared are liked; not all posts commented on are liked.
Over time, you will grow your numbers fastest with the more Facebook Shares you get.
Are you aware of which past posts got the most shares? Make note when one post does well, and post more like it. You’ll invite others to share you with their audiences to expand your reach.

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