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Authors, do you need a fast and dependable editor? Opal Publishing believes in supporting authors in their writing endeavors with affordable editorial services.


Thorough Editing:

Tone, Flow, Dialogue word choice, Tense, Point-of-view, Sentence structure, Clarity

per hour $25.00
per page $7.00 *
per word $0.05 *

Developmental / Substantive Editing:

All of the above (Thorough Edit, plus)...
Restructuring for presentation and organization of the content

per hour $45.00
per page $13.00 *
per word $0.08 *

Copyedit / Proofreading:

Basic: Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation

per hour $20.00
per page $5.50 *
per word $0.03 *

Copy editing and proofreading are essentially the final state of the editing processing. Proofreading consists of comparing the latest stage of the text/manuscript (often final proof pages) against the immediate preceding stage and marking the discrepancies within the text.

Proofreading includes any or all of the following:

  1. Checking proof pages against typesetting specifications.
  2. Checking proof pages for problems in page make-up, layout, color separation, type, etc.
  3. Checking proof pages against an editorial style sheet and/or manual for inconsistencies in style.
  4. Reading for typographical errors and/or sense without reading against the copy.
  5. Querying and/or correcting errors and inconsistencies that may have been missed by an editor and/or author.

Terms and Conditions for Manuscripts


A writing sample consisting of a one or two chapters of the manuscript is requested in order to help us determine the level of editing that is necessary.

A contract will be negotiated that is acceptable to both parties.

* Explanation of rates

Hourly rate is applied to small projects like query letters, or extra revisions over and above the project description. An hourly rate can also be applied to any job that is relatively small and can be completed in an agreed time frame.

  1. **Page rate is applied to manuscripts less than 9000 words.
  2. Word rate is applied to manuscripts 30 **pages and over (9000 words+).

**A Standard Page is 250 words

Note: Opal is open to negotiation in our fees and we will also consider a flat-rate fee.


Up to and including 600 words:   $110 | comprehensive edit

600 words to a maximum of 2000 words:  $320 | comprehensive edit

Terms and conditions for Articles
Word limit of 2000 words.


If you produce weekly or monthly blogs, save on one of our editing packages.

5 Blogs           $200                             or $40 each
15 Blogs          $540                             or $180 month for 3 months ($36 each)
30 Blogs         $1020                           or $170 month for 6 months ($34 each)
60 Blogs         $1800                           or $150 a month for a year ($30 each)

Terms and conditions for Blogs
Limit of 350 words per blog. Blogs exceeding the word count will be treated as an additional blog: (360-700 words = 2 blogs, 701-800 words = 3 blogs).

  • Rush rates are 1.5 times the regular rate. Rush is defined as a project requiring completion within 1 business day.

We can also offer professional graphic design services.