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Alberta Rose and the Legend of the Lost Lemon Mine, by Donald Harry Roberts
Somewhere in south-western Alberta, in the Crowsnest Pass, close by Coleman (according to some), in The Lost Lemon Mine, it is said, is a gold vein worth millions.
All you have to do is find it, and get past the curse! If you see a dead man with an axe in his head, you may be close!

Available in PDF - $1.97 
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Alberta Rose and the Legend of the Lost Lemon Mine

The Forgotten Song, by Charlene Vasseur
She is dying. He is on the other side, guiding her and waiting for her. Their love crosses the boundary of life and death. A true love story.

Available as PDF $1.99

The Many Waters, by Lauretta Lueck
Thirty years of researching the Bible, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and other lost manuscripts reveals astonishing insights about visitations from other worlds, how we are not and have never been alone, and the differentiation between the LORD, the Lords, and GOD.
Available as PDF $1.99

The Many Waters, published book

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