Cyber Monday: How Authors Can Get the Most Out of this Annual Event

Do you know what Monday, November 27 is? It is Cyber Monday!

Cyber Monday lands on the Monday after American Thanksgiving.
Think of the annual Black Friday craze with its in-store product sales without the crush of human in-store bargain hunters. Cyber Monday occurs online for software, Apps, websites, programs, subscriptions, and an array of royalty free photos and videos.  On this day, much of that software will have promotions or deep discounts.

If you’ve been coveting something, this is the day to seek it out and purchase it.

Priority software to run your business, you buy as you need them, but Cyber Monday may put your ‘want to have’ items a little closer to your budget. This is your chance to own it.

We can all get a little crazy with purchases between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but can find great value in the tools we need over the next year. As an author, the real value is preparing now for Cyber Monday/Black Friday for next year.

As a consumer…
Start next year’s list of ‘want to have’ software and apps and keep it handy. (In fact, there’s probably an app for that!) That way you won’t miss it in case you do not see an ad for it.

As a seller …
Just look at Amazon’s jump in sales this weekend and the big push they’re doing for their Kindle Reads author promo. Consider adding this valuable boost to a new or existing book campaign next year. You’ll want to have your promotion finalized by mid October, so be sure to include enough time to include this promotion.

 Over to you – What great deals did you find this year?

My best find? I got 30% more off my upgrade to Final Draft.

See you online,

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