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Alexandra Writers’ Centre Society: An In-the-City Writing Retreat

A Writers’ Retreat in Calgary

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Since its start in 1999 in San Francisco, the month of November is National Novel Writing Month (also known as NaNoWriMo). If you have been entertaining the idea of writing a novel or other long work, then let this help you decide to write the rough draft of a book. All it takes is writing approximately 50,000 words during the month of November. If that is your goal, then finding a space that is conducive to writing around 1,666 words a day should be high on your priority list.

Find a Space For Writing

The Alexandra Writers’ Centre Society (AWCS), housed in Calgary’s cSPACE King Edward, provides a fantastic and quiet writing space during open writing times which is free for members to use and for non-members is a $5 General Admission Fee. In the space are tables and chairs, a nice view out the window looking out towards the foothills, and tea, coffee, and chocolate bars to sustain the writer deeply immersed in their writing project. For those in need of a longer break and to stretch their legs, Barrow Coffee on the main floor is just the place to get a snack and come back to writing, recharged on ideas.

In addition to AWCS, cSPACE King Edward is home to many other arts organizations and groups. Just walking through the halls of the four floors can be inspiring as you can see all the creative ideas brought to life and shared with the public. Being immersed in a creative space can help you see new possibilities and imbue your writing with new possibilities to take it in different directions.
AWCS is a great in-the-city retreat space if you are looking for a day-long writing escape. Located in the Marda Loop/South Calgary area, it is in a part of the city easily accessible by public transit and by car with free on-street parking available. A few blocks away is the Giuffre Family Library if you need additional resources or research to add to your writing.
The AWCS gives writers a distraction-free and inspiring environment to fully focus on getting thoughts down onto paper. So, set your writing goals for NaNoWriMo, head over to AWCS for one or more days of writing, and make this the year when you reach those writing milestones!

Check It Out!

To learn more about the Alexandra Writers’ Centre Society, their open writing times, and other events and programs, visit their website at


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