Carver Manx – 12





Carver Manx showed up at my office early in the morning. He looked like hell and had a hole in his shoulder. His shirt was stained red and I could smell gun powder on him. I could see a swatch of gauze and wrapping under the shirt but I figured it was a selfie job and he needed to get to emerg.

“That can wait.” He rasped painfully. “Get this out there.” He handed me his iphone. “It’s time people get the idea that the bad guys are creeping into the fabric of our city.”

I studied the video and cringed. The last few seconds were of the cops showing up and straight out of violent gangster flick.

“Tell your readers that the city might be red with blood today but it’s gonna be a lot safer now that the Shadows Hiding in suites and ruling the city and a gang of thugs are gone.”

“What do I say about Madigan’s niece?”

“Don’t tell anyone anything about her. With Madigan piled up with the others at the morgue no one needs to know where she is. All that matters is she is safe and can start healing from the cruelty she endured trying to make her uncle rich.”

“I don’t get it.”

“Yah well I don’t suppose any one ever gets what goes on in the underbelly of the crime circuit and maybe that’s a good thing. What’s important is for once the bad guys did a good. At least for a while the Shadows are gone and the city can breathe a sigh of relief.”

Manx passed out. I called an ambulance then posted his video then I started writing. Headline: SOMETIMES TWO WRONGS MAKE A RIGHT. When crime gets out of hand sometimes it takes bad guys to fight bad guys, a paradox for the underworld that cleans the grunge out of the gutter. Guys like Carver Manx who get caught up in the middle of the mess take the hit hard. But without them things would go south real fast.


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