Does Your Relationship Need a Tune-Up?

Mechanics need to have skilled knowledge of the many different makes and models of vehicles in order to keep them in running smoothly. There are many different components: motor, transmission, etc. They need to assess when a vehicle is brought in where the issue is. With the complicated computer systems the mechanic uses diagnostic tools to determine what needs fixing. The mechanic needs to be skilled in the mechanical components if he is working on Hummer or a Honda.
Sometimes vehicles need maintenance and sometimes an overhaul to get the vehicle running smoothly and good as new.

Relationships are much the same. Both partners need to have knowledge of your personality in order to understand how individually you feel loved. Each personality feels loved and appreciated differently. There are many components to your personality: your traits, strengths, challenges, how you connect with others and your partner style.

And even though you have been in a relationship for a long time, it may be difficult to understand your differences. The traits you fell in love with in the beginning now are the ones that now drive you crazy. It may be difficult to determine what the real issues are…unless both of you understand your personality perspectives. Why are they getting so twisted out of shape about something so inconsequential….to you?
Do you know that 2/3 of what couples fight about are individual personality perspective differences and are irreconcilable… unless you understand your personalities!

Wouldn’t you like to have a tool to diagnose what’s going on to understand yourself and your partner? Once you know your personalities, you both will have knowledge of the dynamics of your personality couple’s combination: how you are similar, what your differences are and how they can enrich your relationship. Conflicts can be resolved much easier when the core of issues are “diagnosed”, just like the mechanic.

Your partner will “really get you” and that is how you will connect and know what is loving to each of you.

So is it time for a tune up?

Eileen is the International Best Selling author of Why Can’t I Figure Us Out? Discovering Relationship Answers In Enneagram Personalities, (pronounced: any-a-gram).
Eileen is committed to assisting you with your personal and professional relationships. Discover your natural talents, how you feel loved, choosing the perfect mate, and how to get along well with others. She guarantees using this world renowned personality system will help you figure out what makes people tick and how to become your best self.


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