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Is Your Target Audience Not Specific Enough for Your Marketing to Succeed?

Who is Your Target Audience?

If your answer is everyone, you have not spent enough time identifying your target audience.

Understand Your Target Audience

You want your target audience identified well before you start your marketing phase. If you are unsure how to attract your audience to your books (products, events, services, webinars, programs, etc.,) then all your hard work will be in vain.
Sending general messages with cool images does not entice people to buy from you.
Identify your target audience first. Spend time to understand what they want and what attracts them. This will lead you to make better marketing choices, resulting in better sales.
People are triggered by messages directed to their wants and needs.

Generally it is a small percentage of the general public who would be interested in what you have. The basic steps for writers is to:

  • Identify your target audience in the general population
  • What do they have in common?
  • What are they attracted by?
  • What specific marketing will you use to attract them to you? [Answers in November OPAL]
  • Discover the spaces they already spend time in: social/platforms/channels/clubs/groups/conference
  • Spend time in these spaces yourself
  • This is not the place to sell or market (unless invited to)
  • Post content to intrigue them
  • Create a community to invite them to, and then nurture them.

Take the time to identify, discover, create, and nurture your target audience now. By the time you are ready for your next launch, your target audience will have grown familiar with you, and have learned to like and trust you. Now your market will create much greater results.
Even people who still won’t buy from you will support and share your material when you nurture your community first.

Much success!

Social Media StrategiesCatherine Saykaly-Stevens of is an author, speaker, and trainer; a social media Consultant who specializes in Audience Growth and Extraordinary Fan-Engagement.
She mentors entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, and coaches on how to grow their fan-engagement deepening their connection to their community to ultimately lead to audience growth, influence building, and sales conversions.
She does that with one-on-one consulting and the Social Media Quick Results Programs.
Catherine is also on the Social Media team of the Evolutionary Business Council (EBC) with a collective reach of 250 Million people and is the co-host of two online shows: ‘EBE-Live’ and ‘Social Buzz U’. She is also the Social Media Expert in residence for the Canadian Authors Association (CAA).