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Making Money With Your Book

The TRUE COST of Writing a Book

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The underlying goal is really about making money with your book.

If it is not to make money, then it is an expensive way to tell your story and I imagine most of us don’t have the money to put towards publishing a book and not expect a return.

The best way to make money as an author is to apply the basic principles of business and look at your book writing venture as a business. When these principles are applied, then the decisions you make will be directed toward making a profit with your book.

Simply put, profit is defined as bringing in more money than is being spent. If you spend more than you are bringing in, then you are losing money. For most people, this is not where they want to be. Most people will want to get a return on their investment.
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Nicki Chang-Powless

Nicki Chang-Powless

Business Strategist
Nicki is an Amazon Bestselling Author of Putting the Pieces Together: Your Survival Guide to the First Five Years in Business. She spent 23 years in the corporate world with extensive experience in sales/marketing, operations, and senior management. When she realized her business experience was not common knowledge with small businesses and over 50% of businesses fail in the first five years, it became her mission to improve these numbers. Nicki is also the recipient of 2018 Best New Business Venture and 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year.