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Reporters like me still protect our sources partly because when we get good ones we don’t want to lose them. Blab their name and they run like hell. They are the best source of street info you can get.

Carver Manx went to ground and stashed the frightened girl where no one could get to her. Then he emerged with the attitude of a raging bull. I have seen him like that before and it never turns out well for whomever he has a hate on for. He went straight to visit Boss Madigan. The conversation didn’t improve their relationship but it did put things in perspective.

“Madigan, I didn’t think even you could get any lower. This whole thing has nothing to do with a gang take over. Those biker creeps were doing someone else’s dirty work because you had a racket going for the games and were going to fleece the city out of a lot of money and you used your niece to raise the stakes.”

“Yer barkin up the wrong tree Manx. It ain’t me setting things up and it ain’t me using my niece for bait. Where is she? Is she safe?”

“For now, but listen up. No matter who is using her she is in danger and she is there because of you.” Manx actually got right in Madigan’s face, nose to nose, sneer to sneer.

Madigan softened. I have never seen him do that before. Maybe he was getting too old to be tough all the time or maybe he really did have a soft spot for his niece. “It don’t matter what you think Manx. I’d never do nothin to hurt my niece. She’s good and clean and deserves a break. Her father was a creep, even in our world. I want her out of it. The jerks who took her think they’re bigger than me.”

“Who are they?” I pushed in. “I can help if I can push a story.”

Madigan grinned viciously……


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